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Dr. Nael Al Shal Radiologist Dubai

Dr. Nael Al Shal Radiologist Dubai UAE – Profile of Dr. Nael Al Shal Radiologist at Al Garhoud Private Hospital, Al Garhoud, Dubai

Dr. Nael Al Shal Radiologist

Dr. Nael has more than 25 years of post-qualification experience in radiodiagnosis working with medical professionals, groups and facilities providing medical services with facilities like MRI, CT-Scan, Digital Fluoroscopy, Ultrasonography, Mammography and bone Mineral Densitometry. He is well-organized able to prioritize and generate results to achieve organizational objectives within time expectations and skilled communicator able to maintain cultural sensitivity, establish rapport with other medical staff and promote team cohesiveness.

Education & Experience

– Interest of local Fibrinolysis in the Treatment of Intravascular Occlusions in 1990, Caen University France.
– Immediate versus deferred angioplasty in acute myocardial infarction, Cardio-stim Conference,France June 1990.
– Value of Doppler and Velocimetric Studies of Internal Mammary Arteries prior to Coronary bypass Surgery presented in Toulouse, France in June 1990.
– Laser Angioplasty in Arterial Disease, France, June 1990.
– Balloon Angioplasty of Iliac Arteries Long Term Results published in Journal of Radiology (French)1990.
– Local Fibrinolysis of Occluded bypass in Touquet, France, October 1990.
– Supra-Aortic Fibrinolysis, November 1990.
– Coronary Angioplasty, Caen France, 1991.
– Establishment of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Strategy Book, Published in 1993.
– Carotid Angioplasty and Stenting Book, Published in 1996.
– Role of Ultrasound in Diagnosis of Supraspinatus Tendonitis, Published in Acta Radiological Scandanavia in November 2, 2002.
– Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound Diagnosis and Intervention Book, Published in 2004.
– International Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound Course, Paris 2005 to 2006.
– Systematic Approach to Musculo-skeletal Disease by Ultrasound – Learning curve.Recognized in European Community since 2006 to date, as arranged on annual basis.
– In addition, more than 24 articles and publications in variety of Inernational Periodicals in the 7years.

Diagnostic Radiology:

– All kinds of techniques and interpretations of general radiology.
– All kinds of ultrasound including abdominopelvis studies, TVS, TRUS, Doppler of all territories, musculoskeletal sonography, Hydrohysterosongraphy, all kinds of guided techniques.
– All CT studies including perfusion studies, CT angiography of all body.
– Very long experience in techniques and image interpretation of MRI of CNS, MSK, Body and Chest.
– Special experience in Cardiac MRI, Performance of the 1st case ever of MRI of a patient having pacemaker.
– Very long experience in Nuclear medicine.

Al Garhoud Private Hospital

P.O.Box NO: 36868
Al Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +97144545000

Radiologist in Dubai

Radiologists, commonly and erroneously referred to as x-ray doctors, are the medical doctors in charge of performing and interpreting the various radiology, xray, and medical imaging studies including ultrasound, MRI, and CT exams as well as mammograms and interventional radiology procedures.

Radiologists play a vital role in today’s health care and are paramount to uncovering and diagnosing the patient’s underlying medical conditions and to make specific recommendations accordingly. Diagnostic radiologists relay their findings to primary care physicians, internists, pediatricians, and surgeons and other medical doctors in primary charge of the patient’s health.

Radiologists perform exams covering all body organs and systems. They evaluate the presence of disc problem, intracranial bleeding, urinary stones, breast lumps, broken bones, and organs such as liver, pancreas, and kidneys. Radiologists also perform imaging studies necessary to the diagnosis of ulcers, polyps, and cancers. Diagnostic radiologists do MRIs to evaluate joint and soft tissue injury such as muscle, tendon, and ligamentous injuries in knees, shoulders, elbows, and ankles.

About Radiology

Radiology is a high tech medical field thriving on advances in computers, medical imagery, and medicine. The computer revolution of the last 20 years has deeply impacted medical imaging and radiologists roles in caring for the patients. The radiologist role is no longer restricted to diagnosis. Today, radiologists are playing an increasingly valuable role in treating various medical conditions as well. As a matter of facts, many medical procedures and interventions that were only few years ago the exclusive realm of surgeons are now being performed by radiologists with better results and less convenience to patients. The radiologist now takes biopsies, drains abcesses, opens clogged arteries, and stops a bleeding vessel. Interventional radiologists are the radiology subspecialists that spend the vast majority of their time doing medical procedures.

Radiology certification for licensed physicians is a different process. First, the individual in question must complete medical school and obtain a license to practice medicine. Once this is complete, the applicant must choose an area of specialty from the following list of eight possibilities: Diagnostic radiology, radiologic physics, hospice and pallative medicine radiology, pediatric radiology, interventional radiology, nuclear radiology, neuroradiology, and radiation oncology. Next, the applicant must pass both a written and an oral exam in his or her area of specialty. The certification must be renewed once every ten years.

Radiology certification means different things depending on the type of job to which one is referring. A licensed physician that specializes in radiology obtains a certification in an area of specialty. In this case, the radiologist may diagnose illnesses based on radiology results, or he or she may even perform medical procedures using radiology techniques as a guide. This type of radiology certification requires that an exam be passed and must be renewed once every ten years.

A radiology technician is someone who has only been to school for two to four years and obtains a radiology certification that allows him or her to perform different radiographic tests. In this case, the technician must be registered and certified through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, as well as licensed by the state in which he or she wishes to practice. This type of radiology certification must be renewed annually. In addition, the requirements set forth by the state must also be satisfied in order to keep a current license.

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