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Dr. Alind Kumar Nephrologist Dubai

Dr. Alind Kumar Nephrologist Dubai UAE – Profile of Dr. Alind Kumar Nephrologist at Zulekha Hospital, Al Nahda, Dubai

Dr. Alind Kumar Nephrologist

Dr. Alind has been associated with Zulekha Hospital for the past 5 years. He has also worked as a Nephrologist in the Armed Force Hospital, Kuwait. Prior to this, he worked as a lecturer in the department of Internal Medicine, Nephrology at M.S Ramaiah Medical College and Teaching Hospital at Bangalore, India. He also spent 3 years as a Specialist Nephrologist at the Royal Hospital Muscat Oman.

Languages Spoken


Special Interests

Acute Kidney Injury
Nephrotic Syndrome
Lupus Nephritis
Temporary catheter & placement of Perm-cath for vascular access in Hemodialysis

Zulekha Hospital

P.O.Box 48577
Al Nahda, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971600524442

Nephrologists in Dubai

A nephrologist is a kidney specialist who studies chronic kidney disease, manages dialysis centers and programs, treats end stage renal disease, urinary tract infections, regulates uric acid counts as related to gout, electrolytes, and deals with diseases that can lead to kidney problems, like diabetes and high blood pressure. He recommends patients for kidney transplants. A nephrologist delivers nonsurgical treatments. Some of his patients may require surgery – which is performed by a urologist. A nephrologist is, however, responsible for the care of that patient before and after the surgery.

About Nephrology

Nephrology is the branch of internal medicine that deals with the studies and functions of the human kidney and its diseases. Its concern is the identification and treatment of kidney diseases.

The medical science has been divided into many sub-divisions making it easy to concentrate extensively on the different parts and systems of the body. Nephrology is the field of medicine which deals with diagnosing and treating problems of the kidney.

Nephrology is that part of medical science which is occupied by the diagnosis and possible treatments of the disorders that feature in the kidneys. In fact, it is considered as a subspecialty in the field of internal medicine.

Nephrology is a very specific part of medical biology that focuses on the kidneys. Although you can live without one of the two of them, they are very important for homeostasis.

The Nephrology area of medicine and human biology is an area that is concerned with the internal workings and possible diseases which can affect the kidneys in the body. The body naturally has two kidneys that filter the blood. There’s a wide range of substances which can affect the kidneys and they need to be looked after because although it is possible to live with just one of them, they are still very important to the body and living without one of them has some serious repercussions. The kidneys are responsible for getting rid of waste products in the body through a person’s urine and controlling the substances in the body. The kidneys are also responsible for the blood pressure in the body because they control the levels of salt and water in the body at any given time. Nephrology also includes the medical area of kidney dialysis, which is a complicated process which many people rely on now.

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