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Diverticulitous Digestive Disease and Tomatoes

Several friends and I were discussing the types of crops that we typically like to plant in our summer time garden when the subject of the best choice for tomatoes intended for canning came up. With the planting season drawing quickly to a close this seemed to be the most prevalent topic on everyone’s lips. Naturally it was too late to make the decision for this year’s crop but it may very well be taken into consideration for next years garden varieties. Usually those who are planning to can tomatoes are looking for the best variety they can find combined with reasonable cost. While we were discussing the tomatoes and which ones represented the best choices one of the folks present brought up the point that a family member of theirs suffered from a disease known as Diverticulitis Digestive Disorder. Diverticulitis is a common disease of the digestive system particularly concerning the large intestines. It involves the formation of pouches outside of the colon which ultimately results in an inflamed condition. Although featuring a host of symptoms the most common …

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Acid Reflux – Is GERD a Hereditary Disease?

The question of acid reflux being a hereditary condition has not been researched very often. However, specialists have concluded that genetically speaking the chances of getting this disease by inheritance may account for 50% of the sufferers. They have also concluded so far that the other 50% is due to diet. Of all the digestive diseases in the world, acid reflux is considered to be the most common. It is estimated that nearly 1 in 5 people suffer from acid being regurgitated into the mouth and esophagus and/or heartburn. It is also known that a regular cycle of acid reflux occurrences gives people a higher risk of getting esophageal cancer. In July 2003, scientists did studies with 2000 pairs of non-identical and identical twins, and found that 43% of the total who suffered frequent gastrointestinal symptoms and the chances of them developing acid reflux, were suffering or would suffer do to hereditary genetics. However, whether acid reflux is hereditary or not, there are other main causes. It is known that there are at a minimum of ten possible considerations. Coffee, …

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Food Lectins in Health and Disease: An Introduction

In recent years it appears there is a rising epidemic of people suffering from chronic digestive and autoimmune conditions. Food intolerance or sensitivities may lie at the root of the problem. Most people, including doctors, have little clue how foods they eat may be contributing to their chronic illness, fatigue and digestive symptoms. There are, however, a lot of clues in the medical literature and the lay public’s experience about how foods are causing and/or contributing to the current epidemic of chronic illness and autoimmune disease. There are several diets being used by many people with varying success to improve their health despite a general lack of iron clad scientific proof for their effectiveness. One of the clues to the cause and relief of food induced illness may lie in proteins known as lectins that are present in all foods. Animal and plant sources of food both contain complex proteins known as lectins. These proteins typically have the ability to attach to sugars or carbohydrates on the surface of human cells. Some of these proteins can cause clumping of human …

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