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Caution – Does Your Vagina Smell? Find Out How to Tell If the Odor is a Yeast Infection!


Onset of yeast infection can make any women frown. The itching and burning sensation makes the situation worse. Yeast infection is nothing new and some women face it frequently. Females who suffer for the first time may panic and wonder as to how it can be treated. At first they might not be even sure if its really candida. Some women may even avoid visiting a doctor to treat the problem.

Here are 7 tips on how you can tell if the smell is a yeast infection.

To begin with you will experience a lot of itching and burning in your vagina especially when urinating. If this is the case then you may be suffering from your problem.

Apart from itching, you will also experience a white discharge that smells like freshly baked bread. The odor is not obnoxious but yes it does smell.

The discharge during yeast infection is always white. Anything apart from white warrants a consultation with the doctor.

Any thing that smells like baked items is yeast. It will cause lot of uneasiness leaving your vagina wet due to the discharge.

The discharge during thrush is thick and looks like cheese. It may also appear slightly yellow.

For some the discharge will smell like beer, while for few there won’t be any smell at all.

The best way to tell if you are suffering from yeast infection is the itching. One of common signs of Candida is itching and burning.

The smell of infection or the discharge may not be same for all. In fact few females will never experience any smell. Also it should be noted that yeast infection will always have a white starchy discharge. Anything apart from white discharge can be an indication of another oncoming disease. If you are unable to detect whether it is yeast infection or something else please visit your gynecologist.

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