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Breast Reduction Surgery Improves Posture


Breast reduction surgery can improve the quality of life for those women who have the genetic predisposition to have an enormous bustline. Our culture loves a busty female but there are times when it’s just too much for a woman’s shape and stature. Heavy bosoms can create a slew of health problems and discomforts, including:

– Bad posture: Breasts can be quite heavy and cumbersome. They are made up of glandular and fatty tissue, both of which are weighty when carried around in large amounts. When someone has to cart around large bosoms, they may develop a tendency to lean forward under the poundage. This can create bad posture. Once a reduction has taken place, a literal load will be taken off of their shoulders.

– Painful indentations in shoulders: When bra straps have to heave too weighty of a load, they end up pulling and pinching into the flesh of a woman’s shoulders. Day in and day out can create painful indentations.

– Skin rashes: The skin beneath the fold of each breast can become inflamed with irritation and rashes which can be quite uncomfortable. After a reduction operation, the more appropriate sized bosom will greatly reduce this problem.

– Self esteem: A female with gigantic bosoms has probably spent much of her life saddled with stares, gawking and name calling. Reducing them to a more natural size will greatly improve her self esteem and confidence.

– Ability to fit into clothing: If a woman is very top heavy, chances are she’s had a difficult time buying clothes off the rack. Bathing suits and lingerie can be a real challenge for those with huge breasts.

This procedure takes approximately two to three hours to perform. A plastic surgeon will be the doctor with the appropriate expertise. General anesthetic will keep the patient comfortable during the operation. The surgery entails the incision and removal of fatty tissue and skin. The nipple and areola will be repositioned into a more centrally located area before being sutured into place. An overnight hospital stay is usually required and there will be some pain, swelling and bruising initially. Within six weeks, the patient will have recovered and be ready to lead her new and lightened up life.

Patients should realize that they will not be able to nurse a baby after this operation, so should be post child bearing years if lactation is one of their priorities in child raising.

If a patient’s cups truly runneth over, she should make an appointment for a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in order to find out if breast reduction surgery is right for her.

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