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Breast Reduction For Relief From Neck Pain


Breast reduction has to be carried out by a professional surgeon, who during the first consultation will get your detailed medical history. They will also find out if you had removed a lump from your breasts or if you suffer from any other condition that affects your breast. It is important that you be in good mental and physical shape to undergo breast reduction as some people go under depression when their breasts are reduced.

Mammography and breast exam

The surgeon may also take photos of your breasts and measure them, and discuss how much of breast tissue will be removed to get the desired results. A mammography and breast exam will also be carried out to ensure your breasts are safe to be operated on.

You can choose between having the operation done in on outpatient facility or if you’d spend a night in the hospital. Breast reduction is carried out under anesthesia, so someone should be there to drive you home.

The surgery takes between three to five hours where an incision is made around the nipple, and downwards to the breast like a keyhole. Then, all the excess skin, tissue and fat are removed.

Take a week’s rest

Once this is done, the nipple is relocated, for cosmetic purposes. Sometimes, the surgeon may also use drainage tubes, after which the incision site is sutured. Special gauze is then used to wrap your breasts. Sometimes, you may also be advised to wear a surgical bra.

It is important to take a week or two off from work or school after reduction. Physically active people will however not be able to resume their activities for a minimum of a month after surgery.

Follow your surgeon’s instructions about care and medication to be taken after breast reduction. You will also be advised follow up appointments to remove bandages and sutures.

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