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Breast Reduction – Everything You Must Know


Breast reduction or mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing the size of and recontouring large sagging breasts. Although it is common for women to undergo the procedure, men too can get it done if they have what is called gynaecomastia. Gynaecomastia is a term which means abnormal enlargement of breasts in males.

Most women opt for this surgery for want of a smaller and more appealing look. Large breasts, over a period of time undergo considerable amount of sagging. Breasts sometimes droop till the level of the umbilicus. It is difficult to find a well fitting brassiere, for want of which, the breasts sag even further.

Aside from the unsightly appearance, there is generally a corresponding pain in the neck and shoulders. Most of the times, such pendulous breasts are heavy, owing to the accumulated fat tissue. Women experience chronic pain in their neck, shoulder and sometimes even in their back.

Most women with large breasts find it difficult to breathe or sleep on their stomachs. Sagging large breasts sometimes pinch under the torso while sleeping sideways. This results in considerable discomfort. Summers can be extremely uncomfortable, as the area under the breasts is always sweaty, leading to rashes.

In the earlier days, breast reduction involved getting an anchor-shaped scar. This scar encircled the areola, then ran vertically down from the center of the areola to the crease under the breast and joined a horizontal scar present in the natural fold of the breast. In recent times though, a newer surgical technique has been developed where the scar is a single keyhole shaped one, encircling the areola and running vertically downwards into the skin fold under the breast. While this results in a better and smaller aesthetic scar, it sometimes leads to a dog-eared skin tag under the breasts. The tag reduces and remolds itself in six months. If it does not, a smaller surgery to reduce the tag can be undertaken after six months.

It is possible, that immediately after the surgery a woman may not like the new shape. But this is only because of the indurations and inflammation that results from the surgery. Most cosmetic surgeons advise a waiting period of six months to one year. This is the time that it takes for the inflammation to settle completely and for gravity to remold the shape of the breasts.

It is best to postpone this surgery to after childbearing is over, because it can result in difficulty in breastfeeding. Although a surgeon may only target the skin and excessive fat tissue, breast tissue may undergo some changes because of the inevitable manipulation.

It is best to perform a mammography after six months of surgery to rule out any undesired developments.

Keep an open mind, as there may be small amount of asymmetry even after the surgery. The new size achieved by the surgery may only be one or two inches smaller than your previous size, but the results will be better. A number of women have reported significant reduction in the pain in their necks after the surgery.

Post surgically, the breasts have to be supported with a well-fitting brassiere, having side supports to prevent sideways sagging. A comfortable material should be chosen like cotton. Cotton is breathable and prevents itchy discomfort. It is vitally important, even though some itching may be experienced in the early stages of healing, to not scratch. Use a good emollient cream to soothe the scarred skin.

If you do have any of the problems related to big breasts, go ahead and get breast reduction done. Breast reduction surgery not only lifts up sagging breasts, but sagging confidence as well!

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